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Afternoon Light


Your Coach

Nice to meet you! I'm Ludmila Woodruff

I am a Certified Professional Coach, I hold Masters in Translation and professional training

in Intercultural Communication. 

I have lived and worked

 across four different cultures.

I have the right tools and

experience  to help you love yourself,

your relationships and your life.

As a high achieving mom of two energetic boys I specialize in equipping women with confidence,

peace of mind and family life they enjoy. 

I can help you rewrite your

story so that you can be more present and

live a more fulfilling life without all the guilt. 


Why us???

Your life looks like picture perfect on the outside, but you feel stuck, stressed out and overwhelmed on the inside.


You married the great guy, you love your kids, you have a career you worked for so hard but you still feel unfulfilled. 


You find yourself worrying about the wellbeing and the right education of your kids, loving and nourishing family environment to only find your self burned out, out of control and disconnected at times? 


You would love more quality time and connection with yourself, your children and your husband but at the end

of the day you run on empty. You may snap, yell or just be frustrated and asking yourself 'how did I get here?'.

The guilt sets in and you just want to be able to breath and feel calm again.



I CAN HEAR YOU LOUD AND CLEAR because I was in that place four years ago.


I was tired, exhausted, feeling out of control, chaotic and resentful at times. I was hoping for my life to just magically change, my kids to behave better or my husband “to start understanding and doing the right thing.” 


I was tired of being tired and not being inspired. I was not the mom, wife and the woman I always wanted to be.

I knew I could feel so much better.


There was a more peaceful and joyful way to live my life.


I was capable of creating the life I desired.


This is where COACHING saved me and allowed me to own my life. I not only developed a deep beautiful connection with myself, my sons and my husband but, I also released all the physical and mental weight I was carrying around. 




Coaching showed me how I can thrive through the challenges and how I can be the woman,

mom, wife and a friend I knew I could be. 


My passion now is to help other women like you do the same. 


If you are ready to feel better, experience more joy and fulfillment let’s talk.


I can't wait for you to be at the other side of what is possible for you.


Do not wait any longer.


Life is way too short and valuable.


You are WORTH having the life and relationships you love.

Book a consult call 

Take the first step to feeling better in your

relationship  and your life.

 You can start changing when you let go

of the resistance of what is, and accept

yourself and your life in this exact moment. 

 "The quest for wholeness can never

begin on the external level. 

It is always an inside job."

Dr. Shefali 

Marble Surface

I can help you shift from feeling overwhelmed,

unhappy and emotionally reactive to

feeling connected, fulfilled and calm. 

If you want to take the first step to feeling

better in your marriage and your life

 I invite you to click the link below to schedule a consultation call.    

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Book a consult call 

Take the first step to feeling better in your

relationship  and your life.

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