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You seem to have it all but feel disconnected, overwhelmed, anxious and frustrated with your partner, maybe even with your kids or your life.


What if I told you it's not you, but it's your unconscious perspectives, limiting beliefs, unmet expectations and how you were taught to think about yourself, your partner and your life.


The old strategies of people pleasing, good girl syndrome, never needing or asking for help, trying to control situations and people around you need to be replaced with a new approach that will allow you to feel

fulfilled, connected and loved.

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I am a Certified Professional Coach, I hold Masters in Translation and 

professional training in Intercultural Communication. I have lived and

worked across four different cultures. I have the right tools and

experience to help you love yourself, your relationships and your life.

As a high achieving mom of two energetic boys I specialize in equipping

women with confidence, peace of mind and family life they enjoy.

 I can help you rewrite your story  so that you can be more

present and live a more fulfilling life without all the guilt. 

Who is Ludmila?

"I help you feel connected, loved and at peace in your relationships."
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Some topics we can work together

Are you ready to tell your story?

Ludmila Woodruff Coaching will help you

if you are struggling in your relationships,

feel disconnected and want

more for yourself and your life.
You can enjoy being you and have the relationships you truly desire.

Mutual Understanding
Assertive Communication
and more....
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You seem to have it all but are you happy? 

Your relationships change here...

can help you shift from feeling overwhelmed, unhappy

and emotionally reactive to feeling connected, fulfilled and calm. 

If you want to take the first step to feeling

better in your relationship and your

life, I am the right coach for you.

Client Love

I came to coach with Ludmila because my wife was a client of hers and I knew she could help me. I had no idea I could become the person I am today when I started coaching. I was experiencing high anxiety with a demanding career, I didn’t feel comfortable to have difficult and crucial conversations with my wife or my parents.  I wanted to be a calmer dad for my young kids. I was lacking the skills to take care of my mental, emotional and physical health. I was high performing and at the same time something was missing. Today I can say I am in the best shape physically and mentally. I have learnt how to set boundaries, how to hold challenging conversations, how to manage my emotions and be proactive. I am grateful for coaching with Ludmila, it has been transformational.

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"Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others."
Brené Brown 

Marketing is not my passion but COACHING is. 


I am all in to help you create the results you desire. 


“The quality of your life ultimately depends on the quality of your relationships.” said Esther Perel and I want every woman have the best quality of life possible.


My clients come from different walks of life. 


They are married, single, dating or just starting University.


They have though one thing in common. 


They want to enjoy life, have amazing relationships, feel confident and at peace without ongoing feeling of exhaustion, anxiety, loneliness or anger. 


And I am the RIGHT COACH for them. 


Find out what we could create if we worked together.

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Book a consult call 

Take the first step to feeling better in

your relationships  and your life.

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