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Deeply Connected

If you have ever struggled with true intimacy, vulnerability, and connection in your relationships - this is a message for you. It's time we shed our armor to feel & heal so that we can finally create successful relationships with ourselves and with those around us.

Hosted by Ludmila Woodruff, tune in as she guides you through understanding the way you operate in life & relationships and ultimately to finding true, meaningful connections with yourself and others. 


The WTFs of Dating As A High-Achieving Woman with Ludmila Woodruff

Rich in Real Life’s resident Life and Relationship coach, Ludmila Woodruff, returns in this episode to talk about dating as a high-achieving woman and why we are struggling!
Tune in as Ludmilla asks us to lean back and relinquish the control and fix-it mentality that has served us so well in business. We can’t just apply what works in our career to our love life...right? So, what can we do? And how do we know when to lean in versus lean back?

Balancing Masculine & Feminine Energies with Ludmila Woodruff

Do you know the most common problems that cause a marriage to fall apart? Have you ever wondered about the root causes of these problems that so many couples face? 

Tune in to this episode to find the answers to these questions with Derrick as he has an enlightening conversation with the one and only Ludmila Woodruff!

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Managing Relationship Triggers with Ludmila Woodruff

Ludmila Woodruff is on a mission to help professionals managing their relationship triggers. She is a Life and Relationship Coach for leaders who want to feel successful in their relationships as much as they do in their career or business. Ludmila helps people heal their trauma and teaches them emotional regulation by embracing a holistic approach to healing the body-mind connection.

When Red Flags Feel Like Home with Ludmila Woodruff

In this episode, Jess deep dives into her transformation journey with friend and life coach Ludmila Woodruff. Tune in as they talk about sitting with yourself, your emotions, and finding what healing modalities work for you.

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Loving and Learning You with Ludmila Woodruff

Ludmila Woodruff is a Relationship Coach that went through a hard relationship before she got clear on exactly who she is, what she loves, and what she deserves in a partner. Ludmila has now been married for 10+ years with 2 kids and is Coaching High Achieving Women how to have success in Love and Relationships. 

How to Show Up as Your Authentic Self with Ludmila Woodruff

If you’ve ever felt bogged down by the weight of the pressures society has put on you; the pressures of fitting in and showing up for others, then this episode is a must-listen.

We are joined by life and relationship coach Ludmila Woodruff to teach us how to show up as our authentic selves in all of our relationships (including the one with yourself!).

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Healing vs Growth: Why You Need Both with Ludmila Woodruff

In this episode, Life and Relationship coach Ludmila Woodruff joins us to chat about the never-ending path of healing and growth. Tune in as Ludmila opens up about the breaking point in her life and how it propelled her to take ownership over her own unhappiness and begin her healing journey.

Taking Radical Responsibility of Your Lack of Fulfillment with Ludmila Woodruff

When you are constantly finding yourself in resentful relationships or sticky situations, do you look outwards to find blame, or do you look inwards to find radical responsibility?

In this episode, life and relationship coach Ludmila Woodruff joins Jessica to talk about taking ownership over your life circumstances and just how empowering that can be.

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The Modern Alpha Woman with Ludmila Woodruff

Ludmila helps other women find their success and thrive in their relationships. Tune in as she shares her passion with us and chats with Gabi about relationships, parenting, and being an Alpha woman in today’s day and age.

Emotional, Mental and Physical Fitness in Motherhood with Ludmila Woodruff

Join us on the podcast this week where we’ll talk about all things motherhood. We’ll break down the taboo of a lack of fulfillment in motherhood and discuss why we all need to talk more and communicate what we need. Transform the mother, and you’ll transform the family – let’s learn how we can all take better care of ourselves!

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Moms! Stop Yelling At Your Children

Yelling is a common problem in households because when our children don’t listen we get frustrated. But yelling actually adds to the frustration and doesn’t cause our children to really hear us. But yet, we as Moms still YELL - I'm GUILTY! I’m sure there is three times as much yelling going on in households now while we endure this pandemic.

Our Children Are Our Mirror - Conscious Parenting With Ludmila Woodruff

“Kids teach us more than we teach them because they teach you all about the places within you that still need your attention. You want to connect to your child? Well, how do you connect to yourself?”

“Parenting is a process of us becoming more conscious of what we really need to pay attention to within ourselves, so we then can show up for our kids the way they want us and need us.”

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