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Sacred Sensual Experience 

This workshop is for a woman who is ready to tap into her feminine essence so she can connect to her pleasure, joy, intimacy, orgasms, and the massive impact she has in the world. 

Investing in your sexual freedom paves the way for generational empowerment.

About The Workshop

In this free one-hour experience, we will connect to your body, learn about the feminine, open our sexual pleasure channel, and have time to connect with each other. 


Presented by Ludmila Woodruff

Ludmila Woodruff is an international Intimacy and Relationship Coach, Speaker, Healer, Deeply Connected podcast host, and co-author of Slaying Tampa Bay: Powerful Women with Purpose book.

Empowering Relationships, Nurturing Well-Being

Ludmila works with high-achieving women who want to have it all without sacrificing their emotional well-being, intimacy, sensuality, or relationships. The impact of her work goes beyond a woman, it changes families and generations. She also coaches men and couples as her expertise is sought after by anyone who craves deeper connection within themselves and their relationships while building wealth and the legacy they desire. 


Why Sign Up for Sacred Sensual Experience

Ludmila's unique approach to owning your pleasure, fulfillment, and love helps her clients thrive in their careers, business, sexuality, and most intimate relationships. She herself is an embodiment of an empowered sensual woman with purpose.


Embark on Your Sensual Journey: Join Now

When: October 16th at 2 pm EST

Where: Live via zoom

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