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If you want a coach who gets you moving along your desired path quickly, then Ludmila is for you!

She is skilled at cutting through the noise (in your mind) and getting down to the real

issue that's holding you back from achieving your wildest dream, whatever that is!

Do yourself a favor and, at least, have a free consultation with her. You'll see what I mean.".

Jamie F.

Beyond her outgoing, fun and uplifting personality, Ludmila has an edge at coaching for many reasons, but mostly her love of humanity and her goal to see all people become better versions of themselves is REAL. I have seen her experience in coaching comes from her international experience of living in many countries and overcoming adversity, her strong worth ethic and accountability, and setting a great example in balancing motherhood with her professional and personal goals - but she has so many layers of experience. I admire this woman and am honored to call her my coach and my friend! If you want to explore the idea of living your best life by becoming the strongest, happiest, most successful version of yourself, Ludmila is THE coach for you. #noexcuses

Andrea B.

Ludmila is AMAZING!! We instantly connected! Since I have started working with her, I have become more

aware of the fearful thoughts that have been holding me back from pursuing my goals.

As a result of coaching my confidence has grown and I have more clarity on where I am headed.

  J. O.

Ludmila is extremely caring and supportive. She kept me on track toward my goals and always told me what I needed to hear to help me through my problems. I am a better mom and wife after my coaching with her.

She truly wants to inspire women to thrive and she has all the tools and guidance to do just that!

Thank you Ludmila for the work you do for us.

Gretchen D.

Ludmila has a beautiful way of being compassionate yet direct (which is exactly what I need) and helping me see the power in perspective. I would highly recommend Life Coaching with Ludmila if you are struggling with any obstacle or feel stuck in reaching a goal. I am so grateful to have her in my life.

Julie O.

Working with Ludmila, I have learned how to manage the overwhelm, exhaustion and anxiety that I had been fighting for

years. I no longer let these feelings send me into a tailspin of panic , instead I examine the thoughts, ask myself

if they are true (they often aren't) and breathe. With the tools I have learned, I can now take care of myself in a way that

makes me more available to my spouse and my children. I often share what I have learned with my children in hopes

of creating an environment where they can practice recognizing and working through their feelings too. 

Working with Ludmila is life changing, in the best was possible!

Tiffanie. J.

Ludmila came into my life when I felt really angry in my marriage. I didn’t know what to do with my anger or how to tame it. Emotionally I felt overwhelmed. I was a people pleaser and the anger was a symptom of me giving my time, attention and care to my husband and everyone else in my life but myself. I felt frustrated, overwhelmed also mostly unhappy. Ludmila’s loving but non nonsense approach was exactly what I needed to create more peace and

joy within myself and my relationships. I am grateful for her guidance and coaching.”


Ludmila is a knowledgeable life coach in all its forms. Her energetic, enthusiastic, no-nonsense personality was very supportive of the encouragement I needed. Since I’m an overthinker, Ludmila helped get me out of my head and more in touch with my body. For me, this was life changing—it helped me focus more and manage motherhood and my career without feeling so overwhelmed. I consider her to be a mindset magician because she has a natural knack for helping you rewrite your own confusing or unhelpful thoughts to give you more clarity and positivity, leaving you more enlivened and emboldened to take control of your story and be the best version of yourself. She’s equal parts mental & emotional coach with a super fun personality to boot. If you want to step outside all your comfort zones, push your limits and change your thinking patterns,

sign up for a session with this kick-ass lady! I’m so lucky I met her and am forever grateful for her transformative

coaching, tools, mentorship, and friendship.

Liz S.B.

Waking up this morning and feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude to the people who have made the last year not only tolerable but enjoyable and transformational. Ludmila appeared first in my thoughts of endless appreciation for her “storming” into my life and the life of my husband and kids. It was exactly a year ago since we added another aspect into our already existing friendship. Ludmila became my Doctor. The doctor of thoughts, the doctor of self-discovery, the doctor of awareness and unconditional Love!Yes, the Doctor! And an excellent one. Not the one who treats Symptoms, but the one who spends an immense amount of energy looking for the Cause! The cause of what has brought you to where you are now. And I was not on a good path. Looking to break up an over 20 year old marriage with two little kids who need both parents. I could totally understand consequences of my decisions but something or someone within me told me not to think and not to care as to what would happen once this family is no longer one.After hours spent digging into Self and the events in my life, I could see clearly what events had brought me to where I was. Both mentally, physically and emotionally. And I could also see that there is a chance .. …A chance for me, a chance for my family. Looking at myself in March of 2020 and looking at myself today March 2021, I see a different person. A person who is now totally present in the life of my kids and husband, a person who enjoys a little dance and a movie night with no electronics in my hands, a person who senses and responds to emotional outcry as opposed to just making statements that are totally insensitive and offensive, a person who went through a body and mind cleanse, a person who understands and practices unconditional love for self and others.

Thank you, Ludmila, for being a Life Change Agent. We would not be where we are now, if you did not treat me using a direct, passionate and honest approach to life.


I have been a supporter and fan of Ludmila for many years now. She continues to push the envelope in our lives by asking us to be accountable for our own actions and to believe in our centered self. My aha moment was in a recent podcast she did on Triggered AF by saying we create our own suffering. That spoke volumes to me and it hit me in a way that woke me up. I have been learning how to think of myself first and set appropriate boundaries in all my relationships. It is a new skillset that I have never thought was achievable for me. I am grateful for Ludmila’s support in navigating

some tough moments and being able to come out of them on the other side. 


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