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Unleash Your Feminine Superpowers:
A Path to Self-Love, Confidence & Fulfilling Relationships for High Achieving Women

So many women today are faced with the same challenges in balancing their personal and professional lives, which can negatively impact their relationships. It's important to know that you're not alone in this struggle. But it's not just about managing your time or finding balance. The root of the problem lies in your unconscious perspectives, limiting beliefs, and unmet expectations that have been shaped by your past experiences and societal norms. Don't let these keep holding you back from feeling fulfilled, connected, and loved in your relationships. It's time to break free from this cycle and start thriving.


You deserve to feel happy while dating and in your relationship, if you are ready, I am here to help. Don't wait any longer to make the positive change you've been longing for. You can start your journey here to feeling more

fulfilled, connected and loved.

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I'm a Coach, Podcaster, Speaker, Wife, Dreamer & Mother

As a coach, I help women who want to elevate their relationships, whether they are in a current relationship or searching for love. My holistic approach incorporates trauma-informed and radical self-responsibility coaching because I believe that relationships define the quality of life and it starts with each individual.

Do you feel overwhelmed in your relationships with partners, kids, or family members? Or are you struggling to find love and connection? You have the power to heal and overcome emotional pain. I help women break free from unhealthy patterns and discover a path forward without fixing, people pleasing, or controlling others or situations.

Together, we will work on regulating emotions, setting strong boundaries, embracing both masculine and feminine energy, trusting intuition, and connecting mind, body, and heart. Say goodbye to feeling stuck and hello to a love life filled with joy, fulfillment, and pleasure. With my support, you'll embark on a journey towards a thriving and fulfilling love life, becoming attuned to both your masculine and feminine energies.


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Are you ready to tell your story?

Ludmila Woodruff Coaching will help you if you are struggling in your relationships,  feel disconnected and want more for yourself and your life. You can enjoy being you and have the relationships you truly desire.

Mutual Understanding
Assertive Communication
and more....

Your relationships change here...

can help you shift from feeling overwhelmed, unhappy

and emotionally reactive to feeling connected, fulfilled and calm. 

If you want to take the first step to feeling

better in your relationship and your

life, I am the right coach for you.

Client Love

I came to coach with Ludmila because my wife was a client of hers and I knew she could help me. I had no idea I could become the person I am today when I started coaching. I was experiencing high anxiety with a demanding career, I didn’t feel comfortable to have difficult and crucial conversations with my wife or my parents.  I wanted to be a calmer dad for my young kids. I was lacking the skills to take care of my mental, emotional and physical health. I was high performing and at the same time something was missing. Today I can say I am in the best shape physically and mentally. I have learnt how to set boundaries, how to hold challenging conversations, how to manage my emotions and be proactive. I am grateful for coaching with Ludmila, it has been transformational.


As a coach with International experience, having lived across four countries and cultures, I bring a unique perspective to my clients. My clients come from diverse backgrounds, including those who are first and second generation Americans, and I am proud to support them on their journeys towards fulfilling relationships and lives.

My passion for coaching stems from the belief that the quality of one's life is directly related to the quality of their relationships.


I am committed to empowering women, no matter their stage in life, to experience joy, build strong relationships, and live with confidence.


My goal is to help them overcome feelings of exhaustion, anxiety, loneliness, or anger that can arise in their personal and professional lives.

I would be honored to bring my expertise and experience to your journey, as we explore what we can create together. Let's take this step towards a fulfilling life, free from limitations and full of happiness.

Let's explore what we could create together.

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Take the first step to feeling better in

your relationships  and your life.

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